Suggested places for dinners

The dinners are overhead costs for participants, but in the followings we offer you some places in the city centre which are smooth to have a dinner there. Szeged is a quite cheap city with various types of restaurants, we hope you will find suitable ones.

Sever Turkish Restaurant
Kárász u.


  • huge space, good for big companies
  • terrace
  • quick service
  • vegetarian option
  • 5-8€/dish
  • cash and card payment option

Troja Restaurant
Kölcsey u. 4.


  • big terrace
  • ordinary service time (between fast food and classic restaurants)
  • vegetarian option
  • Hungarian cuisine + tortillas, hamburgers, salads, pizzas, desserts
  • big portions
  • cash and card payment option

Click here for official website and menu>>>

“Nagy Fal” Chinese Restaurant
Petőfi Sándor sgt. 3.


  • close to conference venue and Science Hotel
  • quick service
  • 3€/dish (daily offer)
  • cash and card option
  • mostly chicken meat

Wok’n’go Chinese Restaurant
Jókai u. 5 (Nagyáruház Szeged)


  • big place
  • quick service
  • big portions
  • discount in the evening
  • opened until 8pm
  • 3-4€/dish

City Pan Fish & Chips Restaurant
Jókai u. 5-7. (Nagyáruház Szeged)


  • quick service
  • 4-6€/dish
  • cash and card payment option

Click here for official website>>>

Árkád Mall Szeged


  • several restaurants (Hungarian, Chinese, KFC, burgers, greek etc.)
  • quick service
  • cash and card payment option
  • few steps from Agóra

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