Additional Programmes

Social Dance Events (included in conference fee)

2 of the 3 social dance events will be Hungarian ‘táncház’ (dance house) which is a folk dance event with dance teaching and free dancing connected to the Hungarian folk music played by a folk band. The ‘táncház’ was originally a place where dance events were organized at rural communities, the táncház nowadays is a revival movement since the 1970’s was established in cities.
In our 2 táncház events we would like to present this Hungarian speciality which is on the UNESCO list as a cultural heritage as well, and involve the participants in the Hungarian dances and music.


Excursion in Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park (included in conference fee)

Ópusztaszer is the cradle of the state of Hungary. Through its history, it strengthens the nation, and gives hope to future generations. According to Hungarian tradition, it was at this place, around 896 AD that Chief Árpád, the Duke of the Magyars and his chieftains (his leading men) pitched up their tents, and codified the common laws of their new country. Thus, today’s Heritage Park is far more than a tourist attraction: it is the place where all Hungarians (Magyars) can turn to in order to strengthen their national identity, to remember and preserve their history, culture, and traditions.

In five distinct areas, the Heritage Park
– exhibits one of Europe’s largest panorama paintings, the Feszty-panorama: Arrival of the Conquering Hungarians into the Carpathian Basin,
– invites visitors to discover the archeological excavations of a medieval monastery,
– raises awareness and appreciation of nature, and understanding of the history of the region through exhibits in the eco-friendly Csete yurts,
– replicates village life in a living Open Air Museum with 15 reconstructed buildings from the Interwar Period, and
– offers a visually capturing display of traditional Hungarian horsemanship, including archery, horseback wrestling, racing, and outfits dating back to the time of Genghis Khan and earlier.

At Ópusztaszer Heritage Park history is brought to life for thousands of visitors annually through family-oriented presentations, original costumes, and thrilling events and adventures.

Sightseeing by small train in Szeged (overhead cost around 3€/person for first 54 participants according to preliminary application)


  • 45 mins
  • 37 sights
  • English guide


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